Skull mug - Two Tone [GYM IS MY THERAPY]

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If you are someone who takes their rage out at the gym while listening to hardcore music, then this Skull mug is perfect for you! Every sip out of this mug strengthens your belief that lifting and listening to heavy music have changed your life for the better. On most days, it’s therapy and so how amazing would it be to start your day, sipping from this mug that reminds you to be unstoppable in mind and body!

  • To the average person, cardio or boot camp might be the best thing ever, but for those who Lift Heavy Weights, you’re in a different, more powerful league. In addition, studies have shown that listening to metal music while lifting increased strength and performance at the gym way more than pop music (techno was the worst). So if you (or someone you know) loves all things heavy especially because it makes them a calmer, happier person… then this drinking out of this ‘heavy metal is my therapy’ skull mug will be pure bliss!
  • This mug provides all the gym motivation you need to start your day right, smash your workout and slay your day because your mind is now unstoppable!
  • Unique Eye catching design: This 2 tone mug has a colored interior to add more contrast and character. The comfortable C-handle is easy to hold and is also accented to add more uniqueness to your soon-to-be favorite mug.
  • The print is of the highest quality and your friends will want one too!
  • This ceramic skull mug is microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


Key Features

  • Ceramic with colored interior and handle
  • C-handle
  • Eye-catching color contrast


When The Gym and Heavy Metal Music are your therapy

If you are truly grateful for the mental fortitude that lifting heavy shit and listening to metal music have given you, then you have to own this mug! Not only doe it give you the motivation you need to start your day right, it has character and is one of a kind. Not many people understand how heavy metal can influence someone in their personal life and at the gym… and so if this is you (or someone you know), don’t hesitate to grab this mug and star your day in your element!

Comfortable and Safe

This mug just by itself is a winner. The accented C-handle and interior are eye-catching. It is both microwave and dish-washer safe, so go ahead and order your unique skull mug now.


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